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How We Help

"How do I connect all these different systems together so it just works? Its way too technical and I don't have the time to spend on it."

Our Solution:
That is so true. So we'll take the technical headache off your hands, leaving you free to work on what your good at in your business....focusing on your customers.

Sales Funnel Design & Automation

So you've talked about a strategy...now how do you put all of this together? Again, this is where we come in. We'll help you, or simply do it for you. What is that exactly you ask? We'll put all the backend elements that links the pages, messages and systems that make up the funnel that get's you on the phone with new clients. That could be a higher cart checkout rate if you are an e-commerce business or a hybrid of both.

Email Campaign Automation

"Ok I have a database of customers, how do I get consistant information to them without taking up so much of my time?" That is very natural in business. We'll set email automation up for you so your content is delivered consistently to the right audience, saving you time on repetitive tasks.

Chatbot Funnel Design & Automation

"I've heard people using this chatbot thing, how do I get across using it for my marketing?" Good question! We'll work with you to setup the best conversation that feels organic and answers your customers questions. As you know, it will enhance the buying experience for everyone interacting with your chatbot funnel.

Tracking Code Design & Implementation

"How will I know which parts of my advertising investment is working and which ones need to be changed"? Exactly! The foundation in anything you do is to know the numbers at the start, during and end of your marketing campaigns. We help you set your tracking codes on all the touch points where your customers will engage with your advertising and marketing campaigns. Yes it can be technical and we will take care of that for you.
Your tracking statistics is your business asset  so we will ensure that tracking is created under your business account.

Reporting & Analysis

"How do I analyse what's been happening with my marketing campaigns"? Now that we've setup all your tracking, we'll setup reporting and analysis for you so you are able to make monthly informed decisions on you marketing campaign performance. Monthly consultation on what worked well and identify any opportunities, ensure's that we are always giving you value.
our Approach

Process Flow


Exploring system problem

Most businesses already have some form of a marketing system. It could be manual, automated or combination of both. In this step we identify the existing problems, opportunities and  the outcomes you want from your marketing systems.

Finding the solution

At this point we discuss possible solutions and systems that are required to produce the outcomes from step 1. There are many ways to skin a cat, so to speak. There will be a solution that will fit both your unique business and budget requirements. Over the years we have researched and implemented a wide range of systems that caters for various sized businesses. Start with what makes sense & brings the most value right now and then scale when its time to do so.

System Prototyping

Laying out the overall view of how your marketing systems will integrate with one another to achieve the outcomes stated in step 1 $ 2. This will include the look and feel from your buyers buying journey and experience. Making sure the flows work seamlessly. Automations are included with the system design.

Building your marketing systems

Once we have your approval, we then begin the exciting task of building your systems integration from the system prototype. This step also includes testing to ensure all components of the system are working as expected.

Launch and support

Time to flick the switch and get the show on the road. We launch your automated, integrated marketing systems. As always there is a period of monitoring to ensure the systems are stable. We are always on hand for support.

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