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"I need to generate more leads somehow but there is so much to do, I don't know where to start".

Our Solution:
Ever heard of the saying "Teach Them How To Fish"?
Well, we do that and much more. So you may or may not already know who is searching for your services or products in your industry. The best way we can help you is firstly make sure you have the correct buyers journey framework in place. Yes we'll to do the technical work in the backend of the advertising strategy that gets you the most value. That maybe Facebook, Google or Display advertising. We take care of the technical backend leaving you free to help your clients in their buying journey with you.

Value Based Marketing

Our key approach is making sure that we give you value and so it makes sense that we pass our proven strategy onto our clients. This is the best way to showcase our knowledge and expertise in our services.
We show you how to implement these proven to convert strategies in your business and of course implement the technical backend systems for you.

Lead Generation - Facebook & Google Advertising

You might be good at writing copy for your services or products but you need the integral components setup in the backend. You could take hours and hours trying to work it out pulling your hair out. Or, this is where we come in and take all that pain and stress of that away. We'll setup the system structures and tracking in the backend leaving you free to see the results and make informed decisions on the outcomes of your advertising campaigns. Not to mention also giving you more time to followup on the leads coming in.

Sales Funnel Design, Implementation & Automation

"How do running ads become a seamless buying journey for our customers?" We connect the right systems from your ads on Facebook or Google to your sales funnel so you don't have to figure out how it will all connect together. We then find opportunities to automate your funnels so you have more time to focus on what's important in your business,  your customers.

Video Marketing

Now if you haven't heard the stats on the amount of video watched every minute of everyday, then you need to know that 97% of people watch video's that influenced their buying decision. That means they clicked on a video from a business. YouTube has exploded over the years with the amount of video views and now Facebook and Instagram are closing in fast on the action. Don't miss out, its already happening. Don't know where to start? Where and what type of video is best to use? Too technical? This is where we come in. We will script, shoot  produce and deliver the video for you.
our Approach

Process Flow


Exploring the problem

Making sure that we capture the current problems that need to be addressed, will set the goals and outcomes that need to be achieved for your business. This is a key to measure how our marketing campaigns are progressing.

Finding the solution

So we now have our targets, its now time to put the solutions together that is unique to your business processes. We believe in giving value first and encourage you to do the same. The solution will be unique to your business and tailored to give maximum value. You will receive your funnel Blueprint including the component of your solution.

Funnel prototype

Now that we have your goals, outcomes and solutions blueprint, its time to design the funnel prototype look and feel for your buyers buying journey and experience. This will give us the framework and details to move onto the building stage.

Building your lead generation solution.

We now have the approved prototype and we are excited to begin building your unique lead generation solution. At this point we also perform our testing and allow you to test and give final approval to move onto the next stage.

Launch and support

Here we are the final stage, and its getting exciting in readiness for the launch of your lead generation solution. We ensure that you have the support you require during and after the launch.

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Book a meeting with us and we'll give you a strategy plan that you can go away and implement right away. No strings attached. If you decide not to take up any of our services, there's no hard feelings.

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